Jasmine Briones

Jasmine Briones, Nutrition, Wellness and Lifestyle Expert

Jasmine Briones is a nutrition student + wellness and lifestyle blogger, working through her website Sweet Simple Vegan and social media outlets to promote plant-based nutrition and self-love. She started her blog to simply share recipes, but now has transformed it into a platform all encompassing of her mission to inspire others to live a life of positivity and consciousness.

Recent Articles by Jasmine Briones

Homemade Oreo Recipe, A Healthy Dessert Recipe That Is Easy & Delicious

[xyz-ihs snippet="Homemade-Oreo-Recipe"]Most packaged biscuits and cookies are filled with harmful ingredients like sugar, unbleached enriched flour, palm oil, high fructose…
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Why You Should Introduce Apple Cider Vinegar In Your Life

Aerated and carbonated beverages, including colas, are packed with ingredients that really aren’t meant to be in your body! In…
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