8 Best Health & Fitness Apps You Should Have In 2018


In evolutionary biology, the emergence of the opposable thumb was revolutionary, as it enabled more elaborate tool making and usage. Who could have guessed those hundreds of thousands of years ago that this anatomical feature would one day come to be used primarily for swiping and tapping on touch screen devices! Sadly, those deft thumb movements now account for a large part of our daily physical activity. That said, you can use your smartphone not just as an entertainment and communication device, but as a tool to help you get fit and healthy.

Health apps have a come a long way since smartphones began flooding global markets almost two decades ago. Today, fitness enthusiasts, patients, and weight watchers have a wide choice of apps to choose from. Here are some of our top picks from the health apps category (in alphabetical order):

1. 1mg

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It can be pretty frustrating when your doctor hands out the prescription and you have to go to more than one chemist to buy your medications. This app acts like your one-stop pharmacy, where you can order your medications by uploading your prescription. This includes both allopathic and homeopathic drugs. Many patients are unaware of the side effects of certain medications, until they start to experience them; 1mg provides information on the side-effects of medications, so that you don’t have to worry about any adverse reaction to your treatment. The app also recommends substitutes in case there is any supply shortage of the desired medication or if there are more economical options. The app also helps you find suitable doctors in your area and allows you to book lab tests with samples picked up from your home.

You can download this app here: Android, iOS

2. Fitternity


Do you want to make the shift to a healthier and more active lifestyle, but aren’t sure which exercises and activities would suit you? If so, Fitternity could be the app that helps you find what you’re looking for. This fitness app helps you discover the best options around you. It helps you choose between various options, from Yoga to Kickboxing, and gyms to Zumba or dance aerobics. If you are unsure about buying membership before trying out the facilities, the app books trial slots for you, so that you can be sure of your choice before you make a financial commitment. You can also explore various membership options and make payments online, avoiding the hassle of physical payments.

You can download this app here: Android


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Fitness trackers are trending and come with a promise to help track your progress. If you have a fitness tracker, but are unsure of how to improve your lifestyle, GOQII just might be able to help you sort that out. GOQII brings to you fitness tracker bands that come with a companion app. The primary offering of GOQII is personal coaching, which is available on the app for a subscription of $29/month. You can set your goals, choose your personal coach, and log your diet and water intake, in addition to your exercise. This app will be fully integrated with the fitness tracker so you don’t have to bother with entering all the records from your fitness tracker.

You can download this app here: Android, iOS

4. HealthifyMe

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Do you want to lose weight, stay fit or get healthy because a healthier lifestyle appeals to you, or because you’ve been advised to? Whatever your reasons may be, this app can serve as your personal weight-loss coach to provide you with constant motivation. You decide you fitness goal and HealthifyMe guides you with daily insights and tips. There is a premium version of this app, where you can connect with health coaches and avail customized diet and workout plans.

You can download this app here: Android, iOS

5. Lybrate

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Gone are the old days you could only count on the suggestions of your friends and family for the best doctor for consultation. You can now consult verified doctors directly on Lybrate. Their platform allows you to get a consultation right from the comfort of your home, saving you the time and energy of having to travel to different doctors when you need multiple opinions. You can manage your medical records by uploading the pictures on the app, instead of storing messy papers that tend to go missing when you really need them. Lybrate also has a forum where you can submit your queries and receive daily health tips and facts from doctors.

You can download this app here: Android, iOS

6. ObiNo


Weight loss is not about making drastic changes in your lifestyle, but about making simple adjustments and breaking small habits that make all the difference. ObiNo helps you do exactly that by making you focus on a healthy diet, light activity like walking, adequate sleep and stress-releasing activities. If are absent minded or get so engrossed in your work that you forget to stay hydrated, take your supplements, eat meals on time, or stretch your legs, amongst other things, this app gives you all the reminders you could possibly need. The premium version of ObiNo allows you to connect with Health coaches, who can give you guidance. The app also provides you with various healthy recipes, so you can learn to cook healthy.

You can download this app here: Android

7. Portea

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Not everybody enjoys healing in hospitals, wearing hospital gowns, breathing in the smells of medications and disinfectants, and eating bland food. Portea is an app that makes it possible for you to recover at home. If you would like to recuperate in the comfort of your own bed, this provides all the medical care, such as in-home doctors, physiotherapy professionals, nursing specialists, trained attendants for your unique medical needs, diagnostics services, and medicines delivered at your door step. You can also get expert consultations for free.

You can download this app here: Android, iOS

8. Practo


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Practo is a consultation app that allows you to get in touch with doctors and diagnostic labs, explore and book spa and salon sessions, and find gym options in your area. You can also store your health records for access-on-the-go. You can also explore for doctors by viewing the testimonials and feedback from other patients.

You can download this app here: Android, iOS

With these apps, all of your fitness and health care needs should be taken care of. It’s now all up to you, whether you succeed at getting fit or not. So, get these apps, ditch the excuses, and get healthy today!

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