Tanmay Bhat’s Trainer Shares A 5 Minute Guide To A Healthy Body

“Fitness involves doing the smallest things to ensure that you’re better off today than yesterday!”

The last time we talked about BeerBiceps-famed Ranveer Allahbadia, it was in the context of the trending story about AIB star comedian Tanmay Bhat losing weight with the much talked about Keto diet. This time, TheHealthOrange decided to dig a bit deeper on our quest for the ultimate health guide and guess what? Ranveer obligingly offered to share his expertise for our readers and we couldn’t be happier!


Weighing 90 kgs at one point of his life, fitness holds a special meaning for Ranveer. To him it’s a lifestyle choice that adds meaning to his life. As Tanmay’s fitness guru, he had confidently announced on social media that fitness involves doing the smallest things to ensure that you’re better off today than yesterday! This 5 minutes guide to a healthy you is based on the same philosophy. Read on!

What Should The Perfect Diet Include

“The mantra to a healthy diet is maintaining a balance between fun food and fit food”

While talking about the perfect diet, Ranveer explained how we generally are guided by misconceptions when deciding on foods to include in a diet. The most harmful ingredient that we often add to our diet is sugar. Yes, sugar! While he understands a “zero sugar” diet is next to impossible, he insists on bringing down the level of sugar intake as much as possible.

Eating clean isn’t as easy as it sounds. Hence Ranveer suggests giving in to our cravings once or twice a week!

Four Simple Steps Of Eating Clean

1. So, step one involves a couple of changes, but they’re all aimed towards changing eating habits, which is why we club them together.

  • Minimise sugar intake

  • Focus on getting protein in every meal

  • Stick to slow digesting carbs (clean carbs) like brown rice, oats, wheat, and sweet potatoes

  • Stick to clean fat sources like eggs, nuts, and ghee

  • Drink LOTS of water

2. The number of meals we have in a day is completely up to us. However, we should not try to compensate for skipping meals by having heavy meals later, as there’s a limit to how much protein our bodies can absorb in one go. Also, no overdoing carbs, as too much clean carbs can add to fat build-up and weight gain.

3. Healthy snacking should focus on good protein sources. Eggs are a great option. For vegetarians, rava and wheat based products are preferable.

4. Alcohol can never be a healthy ingredient to ones diet. However, the point of being healthy is to live life and enjoy it, so the occasional drink can be excused. Ranveer personally believes in grabbing a beer at least once a week, hence BeerBiceps!

Dos And Don’ts When Adopting A Diet Plan

An absolute must for a diet to show any results, is our will to stick to it. This is why a diet needs to be realistic and one that you can embrace enthusiastically, so that you remain motivated throughout. It’s all about maintaining a balance.

As far as the “don’ts” are concerned, the most important thing is to not just jump onto the diet bandwagon. We must understand the science of what and why we are eating particular foods. Understanding this is practically life changing, as it will make you your own dietician!

What’s The Perfect Exercise Regime

Ranveer Allahbadia confidently explains why weight training is the ultimate form of exercise, especially if the aim is weight loss or strength building. There is no other kind of exercise that puts our body through the kind of intensity that weight training does. Maximum intensity = Maximum results!

Weight training trigger muscle growth like nothing else, and the leaner muscle mass a person develops, the higher their metabolism gets. In turn, their overall daily maintenance calories (the amount of calories required to stay at the same weight) shoots up. This allows us to eat more food without worrying about packing on the pounds.

Cardio centric exercise like running or swimming will also help burn calories, but only during the time of the activity. With weight training however, we burn calories during the exercise and even after that, as our bodies are constantly burning calories to repair itself. This is called the two way (active and passive) burn. Ranveer clarifies that this holds true for both men and women. And, contrary to popular understanding, weight training doesn’t make women look bulky.

How To Take A Chill Pill

When asked on how one should de-stress, BeerBiceps Ranveer described how the whole notion of mind-relaxation is extremely subjective. While his personal favourite is meditation, he suggests that people do whatever makes them feel happy and carefree. It can be a game on ones PlayStation or even a trip to brewery for a beer!

Wrapping things up, Ranveer added that the key to healthy living is consistency. No one can stick to a health guide if they don’t make fitness a lifestyle need. He did it, and so did Tanmay Bhat! Are you willing to commit too?

If you’d like more tips on getting fit and healthy, don’t forget to follow his YouTube channel.

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