7 Energy Drainers You Didn’t Know About (And Ways to Fix Them)

There are many among us who wish that we had more energy and time to achieve all that we set out to do. While time may be largely beyond our control, there are ways in which we can raise energy levels, helping us achieve tasks that we thought were impossible. You can think of your mind and body as a gadget that runs on a battery. If your battery is powered up, performance will be at optimum levels and vice versa. Consider the possibilities if you could boost your energy levels; signing up for pottery classes, cooking a healthy meal, or catching up with friends, wouldn’t seem so tedious after a day’s work if you had a little more battery power.

Think of your mind and body as a gadget that runs on a battery. If your battery is powered up, performance will be at optimum levels and vice versa.

As with your electronic devices, battery power can be optimized by making small adjustments to prevent wastage. In the context of the human mind and body too, energy is drained due to several factors, but there are several corrective measures that you can take to minimize the energy drain.

1. Reduce Mental Turbulence

Perhaps a surprise to some is the fact that the mind is the biggest drain of them all! Even during periods of rest, when you would think that all is quiet, your mind is still working in the background. This incessant turbulence manifests in various emotions and feelings such as fear, anxiety, depression, worry, and of course fatigue. We tend to think of exhaustion as a result of rigorous physical activity, but mental activity can be just as much of a drain. Switching off your mind may seem almost impossible, but this can be achieved through relaxing and meditative practices that give you greater control over your mind and body. Practice meditation and deep breathing activities for at least 5 to 10 minutes each morning and night to clear your mind completely.

2. Remove Nutritional Stressors

There are foods that drain the body’s energy, such as refined sugar, coffee, chocolate, and carbonated drinks. Our bodies have not evolved to process or utilize such foods, and it should be pointed out that sugar itself contains no nutritional value. This means that your body is wasting precious energy processing foods that offer no returns. Eliminating or restricting your intake of such foods will minimize the loss of energy.

3. Improve Digestive Strength

Eating your biggest meal at noon, drinking room temperature fluids (ice is not nice!), using spice mixtures (churans), simply paying attention to what you’re doing when eating, or not eating when busy helps replenish your body’s energy. Likewise, avoid eating meals just before going to bed. Not only does this impede digestion, but it can also result in disturbed sleep.

4. Avoid Snacking

Eating before you have digested the last food that you’ve ingested requires the body to use more energy than is required, making this habit wasteful. Ideally, you should wait at least 4 to 6 hours between meals, or better yet, wait until you are hungry, as your appetite is the best gauge of the body’s readiness for food.

5. Inadequate Or Excess Exercise

Exercise improves digestion, but there is also such a thing as too much. While moderate and regular exercise will offer tremendous health benefits and can actually boost energy levels, excessive exercising will actually begin to drain the body’s battery.

6. Lack Of Adequate Rest

When under stress, pain or low energy, the body should be given a chance to rest more than usual. All too often, people with such problems tend to be more active than normal, as the situation gives rise to the “can’t sit still” syndrome. This obviously causes a drain on the battery at a time when more energy is required for recovery.

7. Toxicity

Poor digestion is problematic as it leads to a buildup of impurities and toxins in the body, putting strain on the body’s filtration system. The bladder undergoes enormous strain and is not able to eliminate all the wastes. As a result of this inefficient elimination of toxins, toxicity levels in the body continue to buildup, impairing the mind and body’s ability to function efficiently. Including some raw ginger and garlic in your diet can help enhance the digestive process.

Baby Steps

When you engage in high energy physical activities, it requires a shift in lifestyle choices. This is never easy, but by making small hanges and progressively modifying your behavior you can improve the quality of life over a period of time.

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