How Your Bathing Routine Can Do More Than Just Cleanse Your Skin

People often argue about which is a better choice, morning or evening baths, but we’ll save that argument for another day. For those of us who live in cities and must commute to earn a living, the prospect of going to bed without a bath really isn’t much of a prospect at all. After all, the idea of curling up in bed, soaked in sweat that you can’t be sure if it’s all your own, is positively unappealing. But, whether you feel compelled to bathe at night or not, there are plenty of healthy reasons for you to do so. Instead of using chemical peels, cosmetic scrubs, and bubble baths, instead combine your bathing routine with natural ingredients to improve your health. Here are some proven health benefits of bathing at night.


Health Benefits From Bathing At Night

1. Psoriasis Relief

Having a warm bath can help relieve plenty of skin conditions, but when it comes to psoriasis, the annoying condition in which you develop scaly and inflamed skin, there’s scarcely a thing more effective than a warm bath with bathing oils at night. You can simply add a tablespoon or two of moisturizing oils like olive or coconut oil, as they help to reduce and remove the scales, while also relieving inflammation. Just make sure to keep your bath short, as excessively long baths, especially with hot water, tend to strip the skin of its natural oils. Adding bath oils to your bath water also helps on this front, as it reduces the risk of dry skin.

2. Winter Skin Care

Having a hot water bath at night, or rather a warm bath with colloidal oats can help relieve almost any inflammatory skin condition because of a compound called avenanthramides that is present in the grain. The idea of bathing in water containing food certainly doesn’t sound appealing, but you’ll be surprised at how good it can make you feel. Besides, you don’t actually have to pour oats over yourself; simply fill a sock with oats and leave it to soak in your tub or bucket of hot water for a while before you have your bath.

3. Relieve Insomnia

A drop in body temperature facilitates an increase in melatonin production, which promotes sleep. This may make a cold bath at night seem like a great idea, but a hot water bath actually works wonders for insomnia. This is because your body tries to regulate temperature by cooling down in response to the hot bath, resulting in a greater drop in temperature. The result? As you climb into bed you’ll drift off to sleep a lot quicker.

4. Increased Brain Power

Aromatherapy has been found to be effective at relieving stress, improving focus, and also at improving sleep quality, and these benefits can also obtained from bathing at night. All you need to do is add essential oils like sage, chamomile, or lavender to your bath water. You will instantly start to feel anxiety and stress levels drop, which helps improve sleep and cognitive function, along with various other benefits.

5. Fight The Flu

A hot bath at night when you have the flu will help you rest and recover better as it can relieve discomforting symptoms like nasal congestion and body aches. Heat helps to reduce muscle tension in the body and it also helps to clear those stuffy nasal passages. There is also some evidence that the raising body temperature, as from a hot soak, can help you fight off infections. Just make sure to drink plenty of water and herbal teas after a hot soak, as this can have a mildly dehydrating effect.

Now that you have 5 more healthy reasons to bathe at night, there’s no excuse that’s good enough reason for you to skip a bath before bed.

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