Dr. Geoffrey Floyd Vaz

Dr. Geoffrey Floyd Vaz,

Dr Geoffrey Floyd Vaz, MBBS, MD in Dermatology, is a young and dynamic Medical professional with a predominant urge to give his best attention and services to treatment of his patients. Dr. Geoffrey worked with Dr. Trasi’s La Piel from 2012 and soon became well known and popular with his patients. Fields of Dermatology, Cosmetology, Hair Transplantation and other procedures which facilitate the best of treatment that add spark and glow to life of his patients have always attracted him. With the above mindset, Dr. Geoffrey likes to perform and willingly undertakes complex Cosmetology procedures. With his healing touch, expert hands and skill that has been sharpened through myriad of experiences, Dr. Geoffrey now conducts specialty Derma and Cosmetology outpatient’s treatments. Dr. Vaz has treated several Bollywood celebrities, well known personalities and individuals from the Glamour/fashion Industry.

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