Dr. Kanchan Sharma

Dr. Kanchan Sharma, Ayurveda Consultant & Panchakarma Specialist

Dr. Kanchan Sharma is an Ayurveda consultant and Panchakarma Specialist, having experience of nearly 15 years in Ayurvedic therapy and Treatments for a broad range of physical and psychological disorders. She is an expert in Ayurvedic lifestyle and nutrition and provides various workshops and seminars on Ayurveda at several community events as well as at her own clinic. Being a trained Panchkarma physician for past 15 years, She has developed a very comprehensive approach to treat the health related issues in patients with the help of Panchkarma, Appropriate Ayurvedic Therapy, Diet and lifestyle changes with specially blended herbal formulas.

Recent Articles by Dr. Kanchan Sharma

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