Monica May

Monica May, Certified Fitness Coach

Monica May is a fitness coach, blogger and photographer, who is in love with fitness, healthy food, nature and hiking. With the power of her expertise she inspires, motivates and supports, by giving you the best workout programs, plans, guides and tips, to finally fall in love with fitness. Through her diary, she passes on her fitness story, strongly believing that every girl out there deserves to get the sneakiest fitness and weight loss secrets.

Recent Articles by Monica May

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If you’ve been struggling to lose weight for some time now, you’ve probably realized how futile this can be if…
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These Are The Biggest Post-Workout Mistakes That You Can Make

One of the biggest problems in weight loss is self sabotage. We frequently indulge in habits or make choices that…
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Good Carbohydrate Foods Vs. Bad Carbohydrate Foods – Everything That You Need To Know

Good vs. Bad Carbohydrates – Learn The Difference When it comes to fitness and weight loss, carbs are often villainized…
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The Best Teas You Can Drink To Lose Weight And Stay Healthy

People have been drinking tea for thousands of years, and it’s no wonder why. When something tastes this good and…
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