Neha Ghosh

Neha Ghosh, Certified Nutrition and Diet Therapist

Neha Ghosh is a Certified Nutrition and Diet Therapist and a complete fitness aficionado. She has 10 years of fitness writing and web journalism experience. When she is not working on her blog or reading about the latest fitness or diet trends, she can be found at a crossfit class or practicing yoga.

Recent Articles by Neha Ghosh

Can Women Turn Into Porn Addicts?

Pornography is usually regarded as graphic visual or textual content meant to titillate men. While most consumers of pornographic content…
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Could Poor Dental Hygiene Be a Reason For Erectile Dysfunction?

[xyz-ihs snippet="Could-Poor-Dental-Hygiene-Be-a-Reason-For-Erectile-Dysfunction"] How does lack of dental hygiene cause Erectile Dysfunction in men? Men who have impeccable dental hygiene now…
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Here’s Why You Should Invest In A Good Sports Bra (And How To Pick The Right One)

Breasts are made of fatty tissues that are supported by delicate ligaments and skin. When a woman engages in any…
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Stop It! Regular Blow Drying Is Ruining Your Scalp

There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of vanity; after all, we are social creatures and a large part of…
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