Dr. Prasanna Kakunje

Dr. Prasanna Kakunje, Ayurveda Physician

Dr Prasanna Kakunje has completed his MD in Ayurveda and has, since then been practicing, teaching and propagating Ayurveda as consultant, lecturer and administrator in various clinics, wellness resorts, Ayurveda centers and Ayurveda medical colleges. Dr Prasanna is a firm believer of Ayurveda, yet supports an integrated approach based on the best possible solution to a health problem.

Recent Articles by Dr. Prasanna Kakunje

Ghee Is Actually Good For You, According To Ayurveda

[xyz-ihs snippet="Ghee-Is-Actually-Good-For-You"] With lifestyle diseases and obesity on the rise, there’s a new super villain in the world of nutrition.…
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