Swati Murti

Swati Murti, Skin and Hair Health Educator

Swati is an Indian health and beauty influencer with an experience of over 7 years. She has been awarded the Best Health Blog by Indiblogger. Swati loves expressing her thoughts on topics that concern skin/hair health and is also extremely driven towards finding DIY natural solutions to everyday health problems.

Recent Articles by Swati Murti

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A Beginner’s Guide To Glowing Skin Using Oil Cleansing Method

We're all trying to look our festive best, but that can be pretty tough when you have dull lifeless skin.…
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Ginger Infused Vinegar Hair Tonic To Fight Dandruff

There are plenty of cosmetic products, including shampoos and conditioners that promise to fight dandruff and promote hair growth, but…
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