Dr. Tara Fakhri

Dr. Tara Fakhri, Naturopath and a Reiki Master

Dr. Tara Fakhri is an M.D. Certified Naturopath and a Reiki Master offering Touch Reiki/ Distance Reiki/ Holistic Healing/ Mental & Emotional Counselling & Naturopathic Recommendations since 2008. In her website,’www.curesbyreiki.com’, she shares her knowledge about Reiki, her experiences during the course of Reiki Practise/Treatment, all the complimentary therapies that go hand-in-hand with Reiki and general health information about well being.

Recent Articles by Dr. Tara Fakhri

The Scope For Reiki In Cancer Treatment

Cancer claims around 5,50,000 lives every year in India, with 800,000 new cases being diagnosed each year. While patient outcomes…
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