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Hate Facial Wrinkles? Avoid These Habits To Prevent Them

Wrinkles and age lines are a part of the natural aging process but that does not mean that you can’t…
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Why You Need To Stretch After A Workout

You always follow your pre-session warm up routine at the gym because you know that skipping a warm up can…
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The Not-So-Common Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Pregnant, Despite Trying So Much!

If you’ve been trying to conceive for a while, you’ve probably gone through the usual lists of common reasons why…
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How Indian Deodorant Advertisers Have Convinced Us That We Smell Bad

Just as flossing wasn't always a part of our regular oral hygiene routine, the use of deodorants and antiperspirants was…
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Are Diet And Exercise Effective At Preventing Diabetes?

Diabetes is one of the biggest threats to our population, along with heart disease, affecting more than 62 million Indians,…
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How To Choose The Right Mouthwash By Simply Looking At The Ingredients

Do you suffer from bad breath or frequent plaque build-up, or are you just looking to improve your oral hygiene…
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Overcome Laziness With This Simple Japanese Technique

No matter how successful you might be, none of us are perfect and there's always room for self improvement. Unfortunately,…
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7 Warning Signs That You Are Headed For A Breakup

Breakups can be either ugly or amicable but they are often baffling to the couples’ friends and family – how…
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Psychological Terms That You Need To Stop Using Today

Ever been so annoyed with someone that you ended up calling them ‘mental’? Jokingly addressed your friends as ‘retarded’ or…
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How Effective Is Benadryl For A Cold And Why Does It Make Me Sleepy?

Contrary to popular belief, colds and coughs are not caused by cold temperatures, but by viral infection with various strains…
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Sex During Periods Is More Common Than You Think! Here’s How You Can Make It Happen

Many couples are squeamish about having sex during periods, but for many others, there's no bad time for sex! Most…
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The Very Real Danger Of Buying Unbranded Or Fake Cosmetics From China

India's metros are famous for their vibrant markets and cheap products that can otherwise cost a fortune in retail stores,…
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