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Why Do I Keep Getting Mouth Ulcers & How Can I Prevent Them?

Mouth ulcers are painful round or oval sores that appear in the mouth, on the inner cheeks, lips, or on…
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Breast Rashes Can Pose A Serious Risk: Take Charge On # InternationalDayOfActionForWomen’sHealth

Skin rashes are pretty common and unavoidable for most people, especially when you have to wear tight restrictive clothing like…
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What Does It Feel Like To Have A Panic Attack?

Going by estimates from psychologists and public health reports, anxiety disorders affect up to 1 in every 5 Indians! While…
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Will Increasing Protein Intake Help Build Muscle Faster?

If you’re working out and trying to build muscle, you obviously know that protein is vital for muscle growth. Active…
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How To Tell If Your Gym Buddy Is On Steroids

Let’s be honest. We are inherently curious as a species and also a wee bit judgmental. Although our obsession with…
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The Bitter Truth About Sugar That Every Dieter Should Know

From gulab jamun and jalebi to halwa, ras malai, and karanji, we Indians sure do love our sweets! It’s no…
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Why Do Some People Love The Smell Of Paint & Is It Bad For You?

While many of us feel nauseated with the thick smell of paint, there are those who find the smell pleasant…
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How Many Mangoes Should You Eat In A Day So You Dont Get Boils

There’s no fruit that’s as widely relished as mangoes. It’s the only fruit that can rival ice cream and chocolates…
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Beware: Cheap Sunglasses Can Do More Harm Than Good

There are some products that we just shouldn’t cheap out on and yet we always do. Sunglasses top this category,…
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Fix Your Form & Technique To Master The Ultimate Lower Body Exercise

Squats are perhaps the most popular of all exercises, but they are also often done incorrectly. Regarded as one of…
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Love The Sunny Days, But Hate The Tan? Here’s Something That Will Help

Most of us love summer, and why shouldn’t we? For many, it’s holiday season, with long sunny days that give you…
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Get The Most From Your Treadmill Running Routine By Fixing These Mistakes

Treadmills are an important part of any gym routine. In fact, no matter how much you love running outdoors, on…
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