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The Science Behind Why We Find Newborn Baby Smell Simply Irresistible

You’ve got to admit that only someone who is indisputably heartless can have a problem with newborn babies. Everything about…
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Struggling To Lose Weight? Here’s Our List Of 5 Exercises That Burn The Most Amount Of Calories

“I just don’t have the time to go to the gym” – this is the most common excuse that we…
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An Ab Workout That Harvard Medical School Doctors Say Works

Whether you have a bulging belly or are just slightly overweight, we all wish we could flaunt the perfect six…
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Is Circumcision Really Healthy Or Does It Pose A Risk?

Circumcision is a particularly sensitive topic in India as this practice has strong ties to Islam, but religion and culture…
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Hookah Vs Cigarette: Is Hookah Truly A Safer Alternative?

After reading and listening to those countless warnings, most of us know quite well that cigarette smoking is injurious to health.…
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No Sugar, No Sex: How Diabetes Can Affect Your Sex Life

“No sugar for you” has quite the double meaning for diabetics! We know that diabetics are forced to give up…
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6 Genius Ways To Use Old Tea Bags

We Indians love our cup of chai. In fact, it’s probably the one thing that gets us going in the…
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Here’s How Frequent Summer Showers Can Ruin Your Skin & Hair

A quick shower is the simplest and most effective way to beat the heat and humidity of our Indian summers.…
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7 Simple Exercises To Instantly Relieve Strained Eyes

If you’re glued to the screen at work all day, your eyes are bound to get strained. In fact, with…
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What Are Healthy Fats? And Which Ones Should You Be Having Regularly

You see a packet of “low-fat” biscuits next to regular ones and you unconsciously reach for the low-fat ones. We…
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Whole Wheat Pasta Vs Regular Pasta: Which Is The Healthy Choice?

A few years ago, whole grain bread and other foods were only available at select bakeries, but today even your…
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Your Bra Could Be The Cause Of Your Back Pain!

From sturdy sports bras to sexy, barely there bits of silk – the sheer variety of bra styles boggles the…
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