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Sushi Lovers Beware: Man’s Entire Body Is Riddled With Hundreds Of Tapeworms Due To Contaminated Fish

Sushi has been called the “butter chicken” of the new generation and a quick scroll through any social media site…
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The Clothes You Wear Can Actually Affect Your Workout Performance! Here’s How It Works

How often have you chided your friend for splurging on clothes meant solely for the gym, yoga sessions, or running?…
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Banned Across The World, This Chemical Is Still Used In Indian Soaps & Toothpastes

Antibacterial products have become the latest fad in hygiene and health care – everything from hand-washes to deodorant sticks are…
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Does Regular Use Of Spectacles & Contact Lenses Cause Your Number To Increase?

Despite all those sitcoms and movies starring geeky heroes with thick spectacles, there’s still an element of ‘uncool’ associated with…
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Gear Up For Success With These Morning Routines To Boost Productivity

With our hectic lifestyles that are fast-paced, yet sedentary, there’s always too much to be done and too little time,…
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Diet Hacks To Kill Those Sugar Cravings For Good

You wake up in the middle of the night craving chocolates or ice cream or better still… chocolate ice cream!…
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Forget The Detox, Here’s How You Can Get Your Body To Self Cleanse

Social media is flooded with detox and juice diets to cleanse your body and rid it of all ‘toxins’ to…
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You Won’t Believe It, But These Healthy Foods Are Dangerous During Pregnancy

Aside from babies, the first thing that comes to mind when you mention pregnancy is food cravings. Yes, despite the…
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Does Your Love For Spicy Food & Mirchies Put You At Risk Of Stomach Ulcers?

The one thing we Indians can’t live without is spice, but sometimes we tend to overindulge. Nevertheless, it’s not something…
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A Detailed Understanding Of Levaquin Generic (Levofloxacin)

Levaquin Levofloxacin is a fluoroquinolone antibiotic. Chemically, this drug is S(-) enantiomer of racemic compound named Ofloxacin – another antibiotic…
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WTF! Can Men Really Fake Orgasms Too & How Do They Do It?

Women are known to fake orgasms, most commonly to avoid hurting the fragile male ego and sometimes it’s simply because…
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Think A Hospital Stay Will Speed Your Recovery? Here’s What Might Happen Instead!

For some medical conditions hospitalization is genuinely necessary, but at times we also choose hospitals because it seems like the…
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