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Eat These Foods Every Day To Protect & Boost Brain Power

Your brain needs some nutrients to perform at optimal levels and most of our everyday foods simply don't meet the…
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Do This Now To Prevent Knee Problems In The Future

When you think of knee problems, you think of old age and so you don’t give it a second thought…
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Eating Too Much Junk Food Can Give You Man Boobs

Man boobs, or the snazzier contraction “moobs” are a common problem and even celebrities like Salman Khan and Tusshar Kapoor…
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Do Yourself A Favor: Don’t Buy Fake Or Roadside Perfumes

You’re not someone who would normally buy fake perfumes or deodorants, but the fragrance from that small shop you pass…
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Is Strength Training Effective For Weight Loss?

Many people think weight training will bulk them up instantly or make them appear less feminine. That is not true;…
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This Is The Only Fat That You Really Need To Avoid

Until a few years ago, we believed that fat was the enemy, but then we found out that several fats…
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Here’s How Your Diet Is Killing Your Sex Drive

Do you find yourself saying “not tonight, darling” pretty often? If you’re wondering why your fire has dimmed, you might…
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How to Lose Those Stubborn Last Few Kilos of Fat

When you started your weight loss journey, it took a while for you to start shedding the weight, but then…
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Cazorla Proves Doctors Wrong after Injury Nightmare

Former Arsenal midfielder Santi Cazorla proved the doubters and the doctors wrong by appearing in his first game for 636…
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How To Fix Your Acne Problem By Regulating Stomach Acid Levels

Face washes, creams, gels, toners, face packs – your acne products could put a pharmacist to shame… and despite these…
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5 Rookie Mistakes That Every Newbie Runner Makes

You’re done making excuses for not working out and so you get your running shoes out of the cupboard… Congrats,…
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Can Eating Figs Really Help Cure Constipation?

Uncomfortable, annoying, and embarrassing, constipation is a problem that we all face from time to time, but for some it…
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