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We Did Some Research To Find Out If Zumba Really Helps In Weight Loss

Zumba’s become the next best thing and although you’ve heard the name thrown around a lot, you’re not too sure…
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Can Eating Dates Really Help Reduce Labor Pain & Duration?

Despite the morning sickness and bloating, your pregnancy is every bit as magical as you dreamed it would be. But…
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Does A Full Moon Really Increase The Risk Of Psychiatric Disorders & Accidents?

Werewolves, vampires, and a lot of our movie monsters are affected by the moon, but are we under its spell…
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What Happens If You Eat Too Many Cucumbers? How Much Is Too Much?

Cucumbers are as delicious as they are versatile! You can use them in salads, raitas, and soups as well as…
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Why You Should Stay Away From “The Lemon Water” Trick If You Want To Lose Weight

The lemon water or lemon and honey diet is one of the most popular of all fad diets for rapid…
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Do Collagen Supplements & Creams Really Improve Skin Health?

From pure gold facials and placenta face masks, to breast milk facials and urine therapy – it seems like we…
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So Called ‘Healthy’ Habits That Are Actually Bad For Your Health

There’s so much conflicting information going around all the time – some dietitians advise you to go with a high…
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Why Spot Reduction Of Fat Is Nothing More Than Marketing BS

You certainly can’t be blamed for wishing that there was some kind of shortcut or magic technique that could help…
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How to Naturally Get Rid Of Acne & Hair Fall Due To PCOS

Hair loss is every woman’s worst nightmare, and incessant acne outbreaks are probably a close second. Unfortunately, over a 100…
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Here’s What Happens When You Get Too Much Vitamin D From Supplements

Vitamin D is the only nutrient that your body can make all by itself… with a little help from the…
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The Single Most Effective Brain Hack That Will Help You Remember Anything You Want

Whether you’re a kid cramming before a school test or a 30-year old adult mugging up for an MBA exam,…
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How To Protect Your Eyes Against Conjunctivitis This Monsoon

No matter what you do, you can’t get that grain of sand out of your eye and you suddenly realize…
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