These Are The Biggest Post-Workout Mistakes That You Can Make

One of the biggest problems in weight loss is self sabotage. We frequently indulge in habits or make choices that are counterproductive and nullify our best efforts to lose weight. One of the most common ways in which we do this is by ruining the effects of a good workout by what we do post workout. It takes time to realize just how much of an impact post workout activity has on your workout.


These are common rookie mistakes that we have all made, but hopefully, this information will help get you back on track. Here are some common mistakes that you may be making and should learn to avoid:

Post Workout Mistakes You MUST Avoid:

1. Overdoing The Cardio

Yes, you should do a session of cardio right after your strength training, but you definitely should be very careful. First of all, you should avoid doing cardio after a hard leg workout. Just do it for a short 20 minutes, but nothing more. Also, your cardio shouldn’t be longer than 40 minutes. A 30 minute cardio is just fine, so don’t try to push it too hard, as this greatly increases the risk of burn out.

2. Skip The Stretching

After your strength training you should do a short 20 minutes cardio, and after the cardio you should stretch. Skipping the stretching is a big mistake that we have all made. We tend to get complacent after a while and think that it is not important; eventually, you forget to do it or simply decide to skip it. I cannot emphasize the benefits of stretching enough and warn you about the risks if you don’t stretch. Avoiding the stretches can result in increased muscle soreness and fatigues that increases the likelihood of you skipping the next workout altogether. It takes just 5 minutes after your workout, so there’s no good reason why you shouldn’t do it.

3. Fuel Up With Carbs

You should definitely avoid having carbs as an after workout meal. It’s important to eat something within half an hour after your workout, but you should fuel up with the right types of food. What you need is a lot of protein, with foods like eggs, fish, chicken, chickpeas, tofu, and so on. Fueling up with carbs is a bad thing to do after a workout, although there are many who debate this. Several studies have shown, however, that protein is essential post workout – for muscle growth and repair, and that carbohydrates are not needed to stimulate protein synthesis.

4. Waiting For Too Long To Eat

You should eat right after your workout. You shouldn’t wait longer than one hour, with the ideal time being within half an hour. Get a full meal, containing protein, salad and fiber. You can also include some vitamins or a healthy protein shake. Proteins help your muscles to recover after the long workout, so it’s important that you don’t keep your body waiting for too long.

5. Rehydrating With The Wrong Drinks

Most beverages marketed as sport drinks contain over 300 calories, as well as tons of sugar, so they are best avoided after any workout. What your muscles need is a lot of water, maybe some protein shake, or a cup of milk or tea, to help your muscles recover faster. If you really feel dehydrated, you can even try drinking medicated oral rehydration solutions, instead of commercial ones, as these actually contain essential salts and minerals that help replenish electrolyte levels.

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