Is Making Yoga Compulsory In Civic Schools In Mumbai Beneficial For Students?

The BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) has passed a proposal making yoga and Surya Namaskar mandatory in all civic schools on Tuesday, the 23rd of August 2016. There were over 20 speakers who discussed various options for over two hours with a view to improving the health of students by incorporating these traditional practices into their regular exercise routine in school.

Benefits Yoga & Surya Namaskar for Students

This move will affect 5.4 lakh students in Mumbai who are studying in the 1,188 primary and 49 secondary schools run by the BMC. Dilip Patel, one of the corporators in favor of this proposal said, “It has been internationally accepted that yoga is the best form of exercise”. While this move is very controversial from a political point of view, from a health perspective, we believe that imbibing #Yoga has great benefits for children practicing yoga.

How Yoga Will Benefit School Children

While the practice of yoga may have ancient roots, it can play an important role in dealing with the problems children face today. Yoga stimulates physical and mental growth in children. Several research studies show that yoga helps children deal with the stress and will help cope with the academic pressures in India. Here’s a look at how yoga program in school improves overall health and wellbeing in kids.

1. Yoga Benefit – Breathing Awareness

Breathing exercises are used to encourage relaxation. It also helps children understand the effects of breathing and how breathing deeply can relax the muscles and the mind. Breathing exercises also increase lung capacity and provide them with more oxygen.

2. Yoga Benefit – Strengthen And Energize

Yoga poses for children such as Surya Namaskar help to tone and strengthen the muscles. These poses are gentle on the joints and are not very taxing which makes them perfect for children. Many yoga poses also help to improve muscle coordination and increase body awareness. School children often suffer from back pain as they carry heavy school bags; practicing yoga will help to relieve and prevent back pain as it strengthens the muscles of the back and improves posture.

3. Yoga Benefit – Awareness And Focus

Yoga increases awareness and focus through breathing exercises and yoga poses. Poses like the Hastauttanasana (Raised arms pose) and the Hasta Padasana (Hand to foot pose) improve the level of oxygen in the blood and increase blood circulation to the head. This in turn increases mental abilities and improves a child’s ability to focus on their studies.

4. Yoga Benefit – Meditation And Relaxation

 Yoga is a meditative form of exercise and it has immense calming and soothing qualities. Between school, tuition classes, and extracurricular activities, kids today often face a great deal of anxiety and restlessness.The regular practice in their routine will help them relax mentally.

The benefits of yoga for kids have garnered global attention and it is often included in exercise routines for kids all over the world. During the session on Tuesday, Ritu Tawde, the former education committee chairman said, “Surya namaskar is a form of meditation. It will help children progress, both mentally and physically.” This notice of motion will now be sent to the municipal commissioner Ajoy Mehta who will forward it to the state government along with his comments.


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Image Source: Dawn