Hookah Vs Cigarette: Is Hookah Truly A Safer Alternative?

After reading and listening to those countless warnings, most of us know quite well that cigarette smoking is injurious to health. However, most of these ill effects are associated with smoking cigarettes – people tend to view other smoking devices and products as safer. But is this really true?

Hookahs are extremely popular with millennials and also in traditional cultures, but many warn that smoking is bad no matter your choice of product. So, let’s take a closer look at this dilemma and find out what’s worse for you – cigarettes or hookah!

Are Hookahs Really The Safer Option?

“Hookahs contain a high level of toxic compounds – the belief that they are less dangerous is in fact a myth”

Some people turn to hookahs as they believe they are a less dangerous and more socially acceptable alternative to cigarettes. They assume that the water in hookahs filters out all the toxic ingredients, making them much safer. As sorry as we are to burst your bubble, that unfortunately is not true.

The only purpose water serves in a hookah pipe is cooling, not filtration. In fact, hookah smoke contains high levels of toxic compounds including cancer-causing chemicals or carcinogens, carbon monoxide, tar, heavy metals and even nicotine.

The Problem With Hookahs

“The amount of smoke you inhale in a single hookah session is way more than you would in even 10 sessions of cigarette smoking”

A study done in the pulmonary department of Fortis Hospitals showed that hookah smoking is way more harmful than cigarette smoking. This is because cigarette smokers typically smoke a cigarette for around 5 to 10 minutes. On the contrary, a hookah session lasts at least 30 to 40 minutes or even more. This means that the amount of smoke you inhale in a single hookah session is way more than you do in even 10 sessions of cigarette smoking.

Dangerous Amounts Of Chemicals

The huge difference in quantities inhaled makes tobacco dependence an even greater risk for hookah lovers and exposes them to phenomenal amounts of dangerous toxins and chemicals. A study funded by the National Institute of Health estimated that a single hookah session produces 1.7 times the nicotine, 6.5 times the carbon monoxide and 46.4 times the tar in one cigarette! Doesn’t seem like a healthy alternative anymore, does it?

Transmission Of Infectious Diseases

Another under-emphasized health risk when it comes to hookahs has to do with the mouthpieces that are passed around. Often not even cleaned properly, these mouthpieces significantly increase the risk of transmission of infections and communicable diseases like hepatitis, influenza, herpes and even tuberculosis!

The Takeaway

While anti-smoking campaigns have been doing the rounds for years now, there’s not much said about hookahs. However, just because they haven’t been the main target of anti-smoking campaigns that doesn’t make them safe. Now that you have the full truth backed by science and research, it looks like it’s time to put those pipes down and say goodbye to flavored smoke!

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