A Celebrity Lifecoach Shares 5 Principles For A Great Career

Whether you are the CEO of a corporation or a junior executive, health and wellness is equally important to everyone. Corporate life tends to get very hectic – with time, matter & space keep tossing the executives around, not allowing them to settle or unwind. The anxiety of performance and the constant need to do more, takes away more than what life can give back. However, none of these should become excuses for neglecting your health.


I have worked closely with some of the industry’s thought leaders and pioneers in the likes of Mr. Anil Ambani, Mr. Shashi Ruia, and most recently Mr. Keki Mistry, (Vice Chairman of HDFC Ltd.), helping them achieve healthy makeovers. If, with their busy schedules, they could devote the time the time to transform their lives in such a healthy manner, there is no reason why you cannot too. Today, it becomes even more important to adopt wellbeing and self care as a way of life, as health is not a band aid that you only apply when hurt – it is a way of life that requires a lifestyle and behavior shift.

Here are some reasons that highlight the importance of being in the best state of wellness when you work in the corporate world, and I hope that they will motivate you to transform your life.

5 Principles To Make A Healthy Transformation Today

1. Heal Yourself Better

When you work at a high pressure job, as is the case for most corporate employees, health invariably suffers. Every executive and employee is vulnerable to some health risk and most of us simply ignore the warning signs. By stepping back, listening to your inner self, breathing easy, and allowing yourself to heal, you can help yourself and the organization you represent. When you heal, you can heal your team better, helping everyone grow. Heal-Thyself!

2. Eat Intelligently & Workout With Wisdom


The importance of eating natural and wholesome foods is something that I just cannot stress enough. Eat a lot of fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, and dairy products. Likewise, exercise is of paramount importance, but do not obsess over it to the point of working out excessively so that you get buffed but have zero body fat. It is also of utmost importance to take a lot of sunshine in and embrace digital fasting once every week!

Without such discipline you in your personal life you cannot stay healthy and develop high energy levels. This is the only way in which you can become a highly energetic leader with a never say die attitude.

3. Be Well Integrated

Your business workflows cannot be well integrated if you yourself are not completely integrated. This means that every aspect of your life needs to be in a state of equilibrium. Most people only have a narrow approach to health and wellness focusing solely on physical fitness and appearance. Instead, you need to integrate your body, mind, spirit, emotions, psyche, attitude, and creativity. Most importantly, only integrated people have integrity and if you are a person of integrity, people will start eating out of your palms and believing in you. Your team will have greater respect for you and you will find it to be much easier to get them on board and cooperate with you.

4. Keep Your Cool

Always keep your cool, staying calm, composed and collected. An agitated and easily worked up boss or employee can never inspire confidence in others and if you fail to maintain your composure people will never respect you. If you keep your cool you will be able to listen better, see better, visualize better, and have deeper perspective. Good leaders are always sharp, alert, and visionary. All of the pitfalls, shortcomings, exhaustion, fatigue, and disappointments of life will not sap your spirit, and instead you will transcend all odds and barriers to be successful. Be cool, to be “cool”!

5. Meditate & Pray

Think of meditation and prayer as food for the soul. Meditation and prayer is purifying to the soul and will help strengthen your spirit. If you are 100 percent committed to this endeavor, you will always find success in life. This does not mean that you will always win, but your perception of victory and success will change and you will always keep growing. This includes both personal and career growth. This practice will also give you a sharper mind, better focus, clarity of thought, and a stronger conscience.

The bottom line here is that boosting your health and being in top shape physically, mentally, and spiritually will help to strengthen your organization’s culture and it will also decrease health care costs for you and the company. It’s just sensible business strategy, as it also improves productivity and will inspire your colleagues, co-workers, and juniors. So, make sure to always be naturalized, regularly exercised, constantly optimized, and get everyone around you Mickeymized!

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