What Is The Cost Of Hair Transplants In India?

Until a few decades ago, a hair transplant was viewed as a ‘mysterious procedure’ and most people viewed it with a lot of scepticism. They didn’t even know how much a hair transplant costs and assumed that the amount must be way beyond their budget. However, the cost of hair transplants in India are relatively low – as little as 30,000 rupees for a hair transplant surgery.

The low cost of hair transplants is very welcome news for younger men who have started to go bald. In fact, we have seen a rising trend of balding at a young age – especially in urban areas where stress, lifestyle, poor diet, and pollution have caused men in their 20s and 30s to go bald. If you are considering going in for a hair transplant surgery, one of the first things you will have to do is consider the hair transplant costs.

The Cost Of Hair Transplant In India

“The cost of hair transplants in India vary greatly depending on location which is why some people prefer to travel to other cities for their hair transplant procedure.

Hair Transplant costs in India are generally in the range of 30,000 –1,00,000 rupees, inclusive of an initial consultation but excluding medications and postop care. However, many people spend a lot more on their hair transplant costs as they may require more sessions or they may be forced to opt for more expensive procedures because of the extent of their hair loss.

The cost of hair transplants in India can vary greatly depending on your location – this is because the hair transplant cost in Delhi is quite different from the hair transplant cost in Chennai. Similarly, the cost of hair transplants in Mumbai could be very different from the rates in Bangalore or Hyderabad. Because of the vast differences in hair transplant costs across our country, some people prefer to travel to other cities with more affordable IVF treatment plans. Here are indicative costs of hair transplant treatments in various cities in India:

City Average Cost for Hair Transplant
Mumbai 45,000 – 1,35,000 (35-40 rupees per graft)
Bangalore 35,000 – 1,15,000 (30-35 rupees per graft)
Chennai 30,000 – 50,000 (30-35 rupees per graft)
Delhi 80,000 – 1,20,000 (30-45 rupees per graft)
Nagpur 65,000 – 90,000 (20-35 rupees per graft)
Hyderabad 50,000 – 1,00,000 (25-45 rupees per graft)
Pune 35,000 – 1,00,000 (20-45 rupees per graft)
Kolkata 75,000 – 1,00,000 (40-45 rupees per graft)

*All figures are based on current costs and are only indicative and subject to change

Factors That Influence Hair transplant Costs In India

Method Of Hair Transplant

The main factor that influences hair transplant costs is the method of hair transplantation. The 3 main hair transplant methods are the FUT(Follicular Unit Transplantation), FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), and DHI.

Cost Of FUT Hair Transplant

“FUT is the cheapest hair transplant method and costs 20-40 rupees per graft”

In an FUT procedure (Follicular Unit Transplantation), a strip of tissue with hair is removed and the hair follicles from it are implanted in areas that have scanty hair. FUT is the cheapest hair transplant method and costs 20-40 rupees per graft.The drawback to the FUT methods is that it can leave a visible linearscar.

Cost Of FUE Hair Transplant

“FUE costs are generally in the range of 35-75 rupees per follicular unit”

In an FUE procedure (Follicular Unit Extraction), a small punch is used to remove individual hair follicles and they are then implanted in the scalp using a fine needle point instrument. This is the most popular hair transplant method as it has a distinct advantage over FUT – it does not cause any scarring. FUE costs are generally in the range of 35-75 rupees per follicular unit.Robotic FUE is an advance in this technology as it offers greater precision in harvesting. However, if you opt for robotic FUE, your hair transplant cost will be much higher and can even double!

Cost Of DHI Hair Transplant

“DHI costs are much higher – generally in the range of 2-3 lakhs for the entire treatment”

DHI (Direct Hair Implant) is the most advanced hair transplant method. This hair transplant treatment is a painless procedure that is performed using precise micro-surgical tools. DHI costs are much higher – generally in the range of 2-3 lakhs for the entire treatment. The advantage of DHI is that each hair follicle is placed at a specific depth and angle which provides absolutely natural results along with maximum hair density.

The Stages Of Balding

“Most people opt for hair loss treatments when they are at level 3 or 4 which are the intermediate stages of balding”

The pattern of your balding as well as the extent of hair thinning are important factors in determining the seriousness of your problem. The trichologist will determine the stage of balding – level 1 and 2 are the starting stages of balding and so the cost for a hair transplant for these levels of hair fall is pretty low. Level 3 and 4 are the intermediate stages of balding which generally presents as a severely receding hair line or a bald patch on the crown. In levels 5 to 7, hair loss is extensive, so instead of charging per graft, most hair transplant charge a lump sum amount so that the cost of the hair transplant treatment is still affordable.

Area Of Transplant: Scalp Vs Body Hair Transplant

Body hair transplants generally cost between 85 and 105 rupees per graft

Over 99% of all hair transplant treatments are used to treat hair loss on the scalp. However, in some cases, people might want to use it on other areas of their body – for instance if a man has very scanty hair growth on his chest, he may wish to increase it with a hair transplant procedure. Body hair transplants are generally more expensive and often cost well over 100 rupees per graft.In cases where the individual has extremely extensive balding and does not have adequate hair on their scalp for a transplant, hair might be taken from other donor sites including the chest and underarms. Body hair transplantsgenerally cost between 85 and 105 rupees per graft.

Size & Number Of Follicular Units Required

“The size of your follicular units will determine the number of hairs that will be transplanted during your hair transplant procedure”

The hair on our scalp does not grow as individual strands but rather in tiny clusters of 2-4 hairs – these groups are called follicular units. The back of the head has approximately 65 to 85 follicular units per square cm which is why this is used as the donor area.The size of your follicular unitswill determine the number of hairs that will be transplanted during your hair transplant procedure. The higher the number of grafts, the higher the cost of your hair transplant treatment.

Desired Density

Coverage for a bald spot requires fewer grafts and therefore costs considerably less”

Your desired hair density will also be a factor in determining your hair transplant costs. This means that if you want to have a full head of hair, you will need more hair grafts which means that your costs will be higher but if all you want to do is cover your bald spot, you would need fewer grafts and your hair transplant costs would be much less.

Number Of Sessions Required

“In cases where follicle density is high, the doctor may perform as many as 5,000 grafts in a single session – this translates to fewer sessions and lower costs”

The number of sessions you require will depend on the extent of your balding as well as the number of hair follicles that can be extracted in a single session. If the density of follicles is high, the doctor may perform as many as 5,000 grafts in a single session, although most prefer to limit this to 2,000 grafts. If you are paying per session, your total hair transplant procedure costs will depend largely on the number of sessions you require.

Additional Procedures & Post-op Care

“Most hair transplant clinics in India offer free post treatment care but additional procedures such as PRP therapy can cost as much as 10,000 rupees per session”

Most clinics offer post treatment care free of cost and/or as part of a package. However, this is something that you will need to discuss with your doctor in advance. You should also find out if it is likely that you will require medications, and if so, what the cost of these hair transplant medications would be and whether the clinic will cover any of the costs.

Many hair transplant clinics in India now offer PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy. Our blood plasma contains active growth factors that can help to promote hair growth. With PRP therapy, these active growth factors are extracted from your blood sample and then injected into your scalp to boost the results of your hair transplant procedure. Most clinics offer 1 free PRP session and if you wish to opt for more, the cost for PRP ranges from 3,000 to 10,000 rupees per session.

Making the decision to get a transplant is tough enough but deciding on the right hair transplant clinic can be even tougher. While hair transplant costs would naturally play a role in your decision making process, don’t make the mistake of searching for the clinics with the lowest hair transplant rates as they are likely to have outdated technology. Instead, make a list of reputable clinics and check on them regularly for discounts and offers. Some clinics also offer EMI options, so don’t be disheartened if your hair transplant treatment seems a little out of your budget. Focus on the positive and think of how good you will feel once you have a full head of hair!

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