Do Your Hearing A Favour: Don’t Buy Fake Or Roadside Earphones

Most of us don’t bother to invest in high-end earphones and instead we pick up a pair from a roadside stall on our way to work. Why would anyone want to spend 400 rupees on a pair of branded earphones, when the ones on the road are just 50 bucks?

Very few people take the time, trouble, and money to select a good pair of earphones, as most people think that as long as the sound quality from their cheap roadside earphones is “not bad”, there no need to spend money unnecessarily. However, investing in a good pair of earphones will go a long way in protecting your hearing – not just when you are older but also in the near future. Here’s why you shouldn’t buy roadside earphones.



Street side earphones generally have plenty of distortion, which means that you are more likely to increase the volume while listening to music. Unless you are someone who likes listening to very soft instrumental, you will soon find that you need to turn up the volume a little too high.

Loud volumes will cause permanent damage to your hearing and the louder the sound, the quicker the damage to your hearing. The upper limit for sound volume is 85 decibels (dB), so if you listen to music at this volume or higher, you will damage your hearing.

Unequal Amplification

Cheap roadside earphones will not amplify equally over a range of pitch and volume. This means that the pitch and the volume can spike suddenly and this can cause lasting damage to your hearing. An mp3 player along with the average pair of roadside earphones can go up to 115 dB, which is loud enough to start causing permanent hearing damage after just 15 minutes a day!

Bad Fit

Cheap earphones are cheap for a reason; the manufacturers cut corners and don’t invest a lot of time and effort in production. If your earphones are a bad fit, you would be forced to turn up the volume and this in turn would damage your hearing in the long run.

The next time you need to pick up a pair of earphones or headphones, we hope that you think twice about buying them from the road. Sacrifice a pair of new shoes or a shirt and instead invest the money in a pair of good earphones, it will protect your hearing and you will get to enjoy your music in a crystal clear tone!

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