Struggling To Get Out Of Bed? Study Says Late Risers May Be More Intelligent

You know you shouldn’t do it but every time your alarm goes off, you hit the snooze button and you enjoy another 10 minutes of lazy time! You might feel guilty about it and you might even berate yourself for not jumping out of bed and getting a move on like everyone else, but maybe you don’t need to feel quite so remorseful about your secret guilty pleasure.

Research now shows that sleeping in might be a sign that you are more intelligent, creative… and happy!

You Snooze, You Lose: New Views

“Researchers theorize that those who are able to use the snooze button with more ease have adjusted better to the modern tech-driven lifestyle & could be more intellectual”

In a recent study, researchers found that people who hit the snooze button demonstrate a greater control over sleep schedules and this is a sign of intelligence. Researchers theorize that the snooze button is a relatively new invention and individuals who rely on it heavily may have adapted more easily and swiftly to the new technology. This is indicative of better adaptability to new lifestyles and it shows that you are more intellectual.

The researchers say that when you ignore your alarm and instead give in to what your body requires, it shows that you are more independent and creative. A night owl is also more likely to be someone who has a clear idea of their ambitions and their problems and are more capable of handling both. While this may seem contrary to everything we have known and followed for centuries, this is not the only study to have such findings.

In a similar study, researchers set out to test the maxim ‘early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise’ – they studied the socioeconomic situations of people in relation to their sleeping habits. They found that people who went to bed after 11 o’clock and woke after 8 am had a higher mean income, had a better lifestyle and were happier. None of the evidence indicated that people who slept and woke up early had any cognitive, socioeconomic, or health advantage.

Why Are Night Owls More Intelligent?

“A study found that early risers are more likely to get better grades, but the night owls scored higher on general intelligence tests”

A study that looked into the sleeping patterns of over 1000 teens found that early risers are more likely to get better grades, but the night owls scored higher on general intelligence tests. Researchers say that night owls may not need as much sleep as everyone else and tests showed that they could function at optimum cognitive capacity on 7 hours of sleep. They also noted that night owls have higher brain activity levels and better attention span, 10 hours after they wake up as compared to early birds.

Night owls adapt to long work hours and can work as effectively in the morning as just before they hit the sack. They also have a lot more time between completing their work and going to bed which means that they have more time to plan out the next day. This means that they are also more likely to be strategic thinkers and they can deal effectively with any problems that may arise, especially in their work lives.

Whether you prefer to be the early bird or a night owl, getting adequate sleep is most important, as inadequate sleep will result in a significant decline in cognitive skills, also weakening your focus and problem-solving skills. Many early birds will be quick to point out that “it’s the early bird that gets the worm” but hey, what the heck would you do with a worm!

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