Intentional Smile: A Girl’s Guide to Positive Living

If you’re looking for a guide to healthy and happy living you needn’t look any further. Written by Shazia Omar and Merill Khan,‘Intentional Smile: A Girl’s Guide to Positive Living’ just hit the bookstands and it will certainly bring a smile to your face.

There’s no wordplay and tortuous philosophizing in the book – just a simplistic approach to life and the approaches that you can use to be more positive. It touches upon various mantras of healthy living, like being positive, loving one’s self, eliminating negativity, and embracing the joy of life. In addition to practical exercises and techniques including those from yoga asanas, pranayamas, acupressure, chakra cleansing, and meditation, the authors also highlight the importance of self-empowerment.

Even if you are skeptical about self-help and positive living books, ‘Intentional Smile’ may be the book that turns that frown upside down. The book doesn’t purport to be too serious, but is a fun read. Approach it with an open mind and you certainly won’t be disappointed. In addition to the feel-good stuff, the book also stresses the importance of breathing exercises, elaborating on the critical role of oxygen supply in physical, as well as mental wellbeing.
While Shazia is a professional writer, wellbeing psychologist, and yoga instructor, Merill is child counselor and school teacher. Their experience with people shines through with the simplistic content that’s easy for anyone to understand. Besides, the colorful illustrations and creative fonts help to keep the book light and easy on the eyes, making it the perfect addition to your nightstand.

Here’s an excerpt on positive visualization, straight from the book:


Close your eyes and visualise what you want in deep detail. You want to be happy? How does happiness look? Feel? Smell? Taste? Sound?

Mirror Work

Write down your affirmations. Post them on your mirror, your fridge, your bathroom door, your desk, so you see them regularly. Say them out loud. Often! Sing them. Make a song out of them. Say them in front of a mirror.

I find positive visualisation really helps me heal when I’m ill. Also, before important meetings or long journeys, positive visualisations and a quick prayer, ensures a smooth journey.

Like attracts like. To reel in e-magic and create a belief system that manifests our dream reality, we need to be ruthlessly disciplined about feeling good. With the single-minded focus of a warrior, we must sharpen our weapons (positive habits) and cull the enemies (negative feelings) regularly.

Negative feelings attract negative energy. This becomes a self-perpetuating trap that prevents us from achieving our dreams. Release your demons. Only allow thoughts that help you be in joy.

If you are reading this book, it probably means you are alive. Hallelujah! You have roof over your head. You have food in your tummy. You have your sanity, however fleeting it may feel. You have books in your shelves. Perhaps a mug of coffee by your side. You have literacy, education, hopes and dreams. Since there is so much to be grateful for, you may as well release your unhelpful negative feelings and choose to be in joy.

“Excerpted with permission from Intentional Smile: A Girl’s Guide to Positive Living by Merrill Khan and Shazia Omar, Bloomsbury Publishing India, Rs. 374. Released in July.”

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Image Source:Nancy Zambrano