How To Survive A Long Workday If You’ve Not Slept The Previous Night

A good night’s sleep is absolutely vital not just for your health, but also for productivity. Unfortunately, we often sacrifice sleep or suffer from sleep impairment problems because of time constraints, stress, and other issues. While we struggle to cope with and find lasting solutions to such sleep impairment problems however, life does not stay on hold and we need to continue working.

So what can you do in the meantime? How exactly do you survive a full workday, when you just got half a night’s worth of sleep?

Helpful Tips To Stay Awake

Ditch The Coffee

“Caffeine has a stimulatory effect, not on energy levels, but on stress hormones like cortisol – so, although it may seem to help temporarily, it actually makes you more sluggish”

Your morning cuppa may seem like a great idea when you are battling fatigue and sleepiness at work, but it actually exacerbates the problem because of its stimulatory effect on stress hormones like cortisol. In addition, it suppresses appetite, which can lead to you depriving yourself of some much needed energy!

Turn Up The Radio

“Studies show that listening to upbeat music can boost energy levels & offset the effects of fatigue & boredom”

Grab your headphones and turn on some upbeat music for a quick pick-me-up. Not only is music an instant mood booster that will help you feel great when you’re fatigued and dreading work, but studies have also shown that listening to some peppy music can raise your energy levels, lowering fatigue and boredom.

Start With A Cold Shower

“Cold showers can help to improve circulation, boosting brain function & increasing alertness”

A cold shower is perhaps the most unappealing idea when all you want to do is crawl back into bed, but it is one of the most effective ways to cope with the fatigue and brain slump that comes with sleep deprivation. A cold shower improves circulation, literally shaking you out of your slumber and increasing alertness.

A study that appeared in Behavioral and Brain Functions suggests that cold showers can even help individuals suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome.

Watch What You Eat

“Consuming fatty & sugary foods won’t just increase weight gain, but will cause energy spikes that leave you even more exhausted”

Not only does inadequate sleep increase stress levels, but it also impairs your body’s ability to process sugar, predisposing you to weight gain. At the same time hormonal levels are also affected, with ghrelin increasing your sugar and fat cravings, while a drop in leptin makes you overeat.

If you do not act pre-emptively, you will face energy spikes throughout the day. Instead, start your day with a healthy breakfast of oatmeal and fruits like apple, followed by other foods with a healthy mix of complex carbs and protein.

Get Physical

“Low intensity exercise for 15 to 20 minutes can lower sleep deprivation-induced fatigue by as much as 65%”

Sleep deprivation will make you want to skip the exercise for sure. A survey by the National Sleep Foundation showed that poor sleepers are 57 percent more likely to skip the workout. This of course leads to a vicious cycle, as exercising can improve quality of sleep. More importantly for you, low intensity exercise for 15 to 20 minutes can lower sleep deprivation-induced fatigue by as much as 65%!

Our Take

Surviving a working day on inadequate sleep can be nightmarish, but it’s not impossible. In addition to using these strategies to stay awake and get energized, you should also make sure to stay well hydrated by consuming adequate water and herbal teas.

Most importantly, remember that chronic sleep deprivation has serious health consequences and shouldn’t be treated with such quick fixes. If you get inadequate sleep on a regular basis, you need to make some drastic changes to your lifestyle and to your perspective of life.

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