Use Your Menstrual Cycle To Get The Best Orgasms Of Your Life

Physical intimacy is important to any healthy relationship and women will go to great lengths to work on relationships. Not surprisingly, date nights and amorous activities feature prominently in planning, with many women scouring through lingerie stores and sex toy shops to spice things up. But, before you plan these special occasions, it may be a good idea to start tracking your menstrual cycle to make the most of your love making experience. Yes, your hormonal cycle influences libido and sexual satisfaction, making it a good idea to chart out a calendar for the most intense orgasms.


Understanding Your Cycle For The Best Orgasms

Menstrual Cycle Days 1 to 2

Estrogen levels drop and you begin to experience fatigue. Curling up in bed is all you can think of, but uterine contractions kick in, causing unbearably annoying cramps. We’d advise you to not just crawl into bed, but to also try some gentle or low intensity exercises, as this can help relieve menstrual cramps.

Menstrual Cycle Days 3 to 5

Your periods finally come to an end and those depleted estrogen levels start to climb again, also boosting your mood and energy. This is probably the best time to get active and take on tasks that require higher energy levels.

Menstrual Cycle Days 6 to 9

Apparently, you look your best at this time, as your facial features become a lot more symmetrical and your skin takes on a healthy glow, making you positively radiant. Testosterone levels also rise at this point, boosting performance and improving cognitive function. Your confidence levels also start to soar, making this a good time to take on new challenges.

Menstrual Cycle Days 10 to 13

This is the calendar slot that you’ve long been waiting for – orgasms at this point are, well, simply orgasmic.

Estrogen levels peak by the 10th day, making you sociable, outgoing, optimistic, and you really are ‘sexy and you know it’! This is the calendar slot that you’ve long been waiting for – orgasms at this point are, well, simply orgasmic. It is much easier to reach orgasm, so you are less likely to feel frustrated, and the orgasms are also a lot more intense. During the 10th to 13th days, you’re also at your most fertile, so you’ll want to take extra precautions; of course, if you’re hoping for a baby, you can just go at it like rabbits!

Menstrual Cycle Day 14

This is when the ovaries release an egg for fertilization. If sperm makes its way in there, fertilization occurs; in other cases, the egg simply dissolves.

Menstrual Cycle Days 15 to 18

This is what every guy fears, but it’s a lot worse for women. Yes, we’re talking about sudden hormonal changes that can trigger those mood swings and emotional outbursts. You may also start to feel tired and lethargic.

Menstrual Cycle Days 19 to 22

Estrogen levels drop, while those of progesterone and testosterone spike, which translates into annoyingly oily skin and acne outbreaks. To reduce the severity of these problems, make it a point to eat healthy balanced meals, especially on these days.

Menstrual Cycle Days 23 to 25

You’re likely to experience indigestion and bloating because of high progesterone levels. It’s also the worst time to have sex because libido levels also drop.

Menstrual Cycle Days 26 to 28

Breast tenderness sets in and it’s time for you to cut down on the caffeine and sugar. Make sure to stay hydrated by drinking enough water and herbal teas, or other hydrating drinks.

There are minor variations in the dates, as not every woman’s cycle is precisely 28 days, but knowing how the cycle works will help you better plan your next sexcapade or your wedding and honeymoon dates!

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