WTF! Can Men Really Fake Orgasms Too & How Do They Do It?

Women are known to fake orgasms, most commonly to avoid hurting the fragile male ego and sometimes it’s simply because they just can’t reach an orgasm through penetrative sex. Women are constantly berated for faking orgasms and it’s been the subject of endless jokes, but it turns out that they may not be the only ones faking it!

Men Fake Orgasms Too!

“A recent study in the journal Sexual and Relationship Therapy found that men fake orgasms in up to 30% of all sexual encounters”

Although the idea of faking a male orgasm seems pretty baffling, considering how visible the act is, several studies have thrown up surprising findings. A recent study that appeared in the journal Sexual and Relationship Therapy found that men fake orgasms in up to 30% of all sexual encounters, while an earlier study in the Journal of Sex Research revealed that 28% of all men fake it at times.

Researchers also looked at situations in which men faked orgasms and found it to be most common during vaginal intercourse. According to some sexologists, one in four men will or has faked an orgasm at some point or the other.

How Does A Man Fake An Orgasm?

“A man simply needs to react as he normally would when orgasming – most women will not notice the absence of ejaculate, especially if you’re using a condom”

Now we get to the interesting part, or rather to the bit that has us baffled. How in the hell can a man fake an orgasm and get away with it! Surprisingly, it’s real easy, especially if you’re going at it with a condom. In almost all cases, a woman is unlikely to investigate the condom for evidence of ejaculation and said condom can be disposed of before it comes to her attention.

Even if you’re engaging in unprotected sex, it’s hard to tell if a man has actually ejaculated if you are already lubed up down there. Besides, if the woman orgasms too, she really won’t be paying much attention to the lack of evidence for your fake ejaculation.

Whether you suffer from delayed ejaculation, are physically exhausted, or simply can’t reach orgasm, faking it does require some skill. Don’t overact with loud groans, grunts, and shudders – you’re not in a porno and she’ll instantly smell the rat. A little moaning or an announcement that you’ve cum would suffice. Basically, react in the same manner as you normally do when you reach orgasm.

Why Do Men Fake It?

“The most common reason for men faking orgasms is to boost the partner’s ego, while the least common reason is unattractiveness of the partner”

It turns out that men can be just as sensitive as women, with most men indulging in the habit only to make the woman feel good. Less common reasons for faking it include attempts to appear sexy, too intoxicated to reach ejaculation, or to simply avoid upsetting the partner, which could lead to conflict. Surprisingly, the least common reason was unattractiveness of the partner.

Researchers were also taken aback with the higher levels of sensitivity in some men, who even fake it to give the impression of a simultaneous orgasm just to make their partners happy. In fact, we now know that men who fake orgasms tend to be more satisfied and happy with their relationships, both physically and emotionally.

The Takeaway

We’d like to stress that this isn’t meant to be a guide to faking orgasms! It’s simply something that both men and women should be aware of. Faking it occasionally may not be such a bad thing and could even be good for your relationship. But, if you’re constantly faking it because you don’t enjoy the sex, it would be a good idea to explore other ways to spice things up and make sex more enjoyable.

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