Try Boxing: Perfect for Full-Body Fitness and Inspiration

When looking for a way to get fit, many people will turn to their local gym to do 20-minute stints on an exercise, rep 30-pound dumbells, squat 100 pounds on the barbell, etc. While this is all well and good, a lot of people struggle to commit to the routine, often becoming bored of the sometimes dull and tedious methods of getting fit in a gym. A lot of people find that it helps to be able to see the results of their exercise as well as work towards something greater than simply getting fit. Boxing is one of the best sports to achieve this. Not only is it a full-body workout, but it also gives you a new goal of improving your skills. Increasing your fitness levels greatly improves your boxing skill, which gives extra motivation to do the less-enjoyed exercises, such as cardio workouts. As shown by Pure Gym, boxing improves your balance, coordination, cardio, strength, and, as an added benefit, many find it to be a confidence booster. So, how does training boxing improve your fitness, and what can we learn from the very best in the sport?

Boxing doesn’t just train your arms


To the uninitiated, boxing can simply look like a sport of arm strength and power, but training boxing provides so much more than toned arms. Training boxing skill alone works as a powerful cardio workout, and because you’re focussing on delivering combinations or pushing your power to the maximum, you barely notice that you’re doing an intense cardio workout. You’ll get a moderate workout when performing some of the basic drills and then a high-intensity workout when working on the punching bags or against the pads. Doing 60 minutes of boxing-oriented exercises will give you an exciting and high-intensity workout. Boxing has become a favorite for those looking to shed some weight because, as you can’t sport-burn fat, the full-body workout received by boxing gives a better sense of working the whole body to lose weight. But it’s not just the cardio side that appeals to those seeking fitness, as gaining strength and power is also an important part of the sport. Performing combinations will help to enhance your upper-body strength, but many utilize weights and bodyweight exercises to enhance their strength and power. Working weights boosts your metabolism, further helping you to lose weight. Overtraining weights can prove to be problematic for many gym-goers, but with boxing, the other activities that also help build strength and improve fitness mean that you don’t have to focus on picking up heavy objects solely.

Take it from the best

IMAGE SOURCE: BBC Sport, via Twitter


Boxing is experiencing a renaissance period right now, with its popularity on television transpiring into more people taking up the sport. Not everyone who trains boxing actually engages in a bout or some sparring in the ring; it’s the physical aspects of the sport that draws in so many. The face of boxing right now is Anthony Joshua. Owning three of the four major heavyweight titles, the English 28-year-old has taken the world by storm across his 21 fights – all of which he’s won. One of the most admirable aspects about the champion is his training regimes. Joshua’s a true athlete who pushes himself to improve wherever he can. It’s this which has led to him being so heavily favored against his next opponent, the very dangerous 34-1-0 Russian, Alexander Povetkin. As of August 5, Joshua is favored at +800 to win in the sixth round with Betway, proving that he has the skill to take down his foe, as well as last a considerable amount of time in the ring thanks to his conditioning. While Joshua does a lot of his training indoors in specialized camps, he also claims that outdoor work is crucial to his fitness. As reported by The Telegraph, Joshua commits to running outside as it’s better than running on a treadmill. The adverse conditions, such as the cold air, makes it harder to breathe and makes you push yourself, making it easier when competing. One of the top exercises for this is ‘suicides’, which entail sprinting to a lamppost, jogging to the next lamppost, and then walking to the next lamppost and repeating. Inside, Joshua makes the most of many exercises that may appear quite bizarre with the aims of improving at boxing. As shown by Men’s Health, Joshua does barbell single-leg Romanian deadlifts, shadowboxing in the sand, underwater weight plate pushes for the length of a pool, and medicine ball wall blasts. All of these exercises help to improve at boxing while also bolstering your overall fitness levels.

Try boxing today

With a perfect role model to aspire to on the boxing and fitness front, use the lessons of Anthony Joshua as well as the full-body benefits of training boxing to enjoy a more fulfilling experience of getting fit. While learning the techniques of boxing and training to improve, you’ll be doing wonders to your fitness while shedding fat without enduring the mental and physical grind that can come with generic gym workouts.