This Chart Explains What The Color Of Your Pee Says About Your Health

Put down your copy of ’50 Shades of Grey” and take a closer look at those shades of yellow. Yes, your urine is a lot more informative than you’d imagine, as it can be a surprisingly good indicator of your health. Just as your bowel movements can provide vital early warning about impending health problems, so too can your urine – not just from the color, but also from the density, cloudiness, and odor. For example, whether you’ve studied this chart or not, you can easily tell if you’ve got jaundice, have consumed too much alcohol, or are well hydrated, just by paying closer attention to your urine.

If you’re still confused simply move on to the chart below.


What Your Pee Color Says About Your Health

Colorless, Transparent:

While lightly colored urine is normal, if it’s routinely absolutely colorless it could mean that you’re drinking a bit too much water! Yes, that is a problem too, as overhydration can also cause health complications over a period of time, especially problems of low sodium that cause symptoms like muscle weakness, spasms, and cramping.

Pale Yellow:

Urine in a healthy adult who is well hydrated will always be light yellow and transparent, but it may also be near colorless.

Dark Yellow:

Dark yellow urine is not abnormal, but for most people it’s a clear sign that you’re not drinking enough water. If this is true for you, simply make it a point to remember to drink more water on a regular basis.

Amber Or Honey:

Honey and amber may come in beautiful shades, but that’s not what healthy urine is supposed to look like. This is an obvious warning sign that you need to up your water intake. If that doesn’t solve the problem, you need to consult your health care provider.

Brown Ale/Maple Syrup:

This is a definite sign of serious dehydration or liver disease and you should start drinking a lot more water and fresh fruit juices, while cutting back on the alcohol. If the problem lingers on despite increasing water intake, contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Pink Or Red:

Foods with deep red pigments like strawberries, beets, and blueberries may cause pink or reddish urine, so if you’ve been munching on a lot of these fruits, there’s nothing to worry about. In other cases however, it could be indicative of the presence of blood in urine. This could be caused by a temporary condition, or it could be a sign of something a lot more serious like an infection of the kidneys or kidney stones, as well as kidney, bladder, or prostate cancer. Whatever the cause, reddish urine should not be ignored, but should be treated with urgency.


If it’s an occasional occurrence, you probably have nothing to worry about, but if it’s routine it can  be a sign of an STD, urinary infection, vaginal discharge, or any kind of inflammation of the urinary tract.

Foamy Or Fizzy:

Sometimes a fall bladder simply causes more forceful and faster expulsion of urine, resulting in foamy or fizzy appearance. If your urine is regularly foamy and fizzy however, it could be a warning sign of high protein levels in urine or proteinuria. This is usually associated with serious kidney disease and the condition would need to be evaluated by a specialist.

Keep in mind that while urine is a good indicator of your health, it’s no substitute for a routine health check! Urine color and transparency helps to a great extent, but as shown in a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition it just isn’t as accurate as a blood test, as urine color can also be affected by other factors, including medications.

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