How Often Should You Really Wash Your Hair?

With the monsoons over and the rise in temperatures leaving us icky and super-sweaty all day, chances are you’re washing your hair way a lot more frequently than usual – perhaps excessively.  But how bad can this cleansing routine be, right? As it turns out, washing your hair more often than required can actually do a lot more harm than you thought!

Read on to find out the ideal hair wash routine to follow when the heat is getting to you.

The Problem With Frequent Hair Washing

“Frequent hair washing can lead to dull, dry and frizzy hair and also compound hair breakage”

Washing your hair every day strips your scalp of all its moisture and natural oils – the ones that keep your hair naturally smooth and shiny. This ultimately leaves you with dull-looking hair, something you surely don’t want. In fact, dermatologists believe that washing your hair too often (because you feel it’s too oily) actually dries out your scalp, leading to even more oil production to balance it out. Frizziness and hair breakage are two other effects of excessive hair-washing.

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

“Instead of washing your hair every day, wash it every two-three days for best results”

Experts believe that when the temperature rises it’s best to wash your hair every two days. This keeps your scalp’s natural oils intact, but it also inhibits any sort of product build-up that happens because of sweat. Individuals who have curly hair can even go up to 4-5 days without shampooing. This is because curly hair is less likely to get oily, compared to normal or fine hair. Despite these differences in texture, experts agree that shampooing your hair every day is completely unnecessary.

Is There A Better Hair Cleansing Routine?

“Co-washing or conditioner-only washing is a safer bet than shampooing frequently”

If all that summer sweat is making your hair dirty or if you’re one of those people doomed with super greasy hair, waiting for two days to wash your hair can be a bit too much. The best option to try in this case is a co-wash. This essentially means you ditch the shampoo and use only the conditioner, allowing your hair’s natural oils to do their job. Another option that you can invest in is a gentle shampoo, preferably with a natural formula that won’t dry out your hair.

The Trick To Remember

The most important trick to keep in mind is to find the right blend of products to balance your scalp. Understanding your hair type and styling choices is very important to do this, but it doesn’t require you to invest in fancy shampoos and conditioners. Instead, stick with the basics and you’ll be good to go. So, use that shampoo sparingly to get the luscious locks that you’ve always wanted.

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