Monsoon Skincare: Don’t Let The Monsoons Wash Out Your Skin!

Whether you love the rains or hate them, all of us agree on one thing – they are tough on our beauty regimen! Your summer prickly heat may have disappeared, but you now have acne outbreaks instead and your chic summer bob puffs out and resembles an upturned kundi pot!

But fear not, there are ways you can survive the monsoons in style!

Dealing With The Monsoon Madness

There are a few universal problems that all of us face during the monsoons – the frizzy hair, the profuse sweating, and those nasty skin infections that rear up at least once during the season. All these issues are linked to the increased humidity, which unfortunately, is beyond our control. So, instead of just wishing these problems away, here’s what you should do.

Frizzy Hair

“Oil coats hair and prevents moisture from entering the follicle, which stops it from becoming frizzy”

Let’s take a moment to understand why humidity affects our hair, so that we don’t have to fight a losing battle with our hairbrush each morning! A high humidity level means that there is more moisture in the air. These water molecules are then absorbed by the hair, forming bonds on a molecular level, which causes straight hair to become wavy and curly hair to become frizzy.

This is why the only way to stop your hair from going frizzy is to prevent moisture from getting to your hair. You can shell out big bucks to buy an anti-frizz serum or you can just mix a few drops of jojoba and almond oil and apply it to your hair and comb it through completely. The oil will coat your hair and prevent moisture from getting to it, helping prevent frizziness.

Body Odor

“Use an anti-bacterial talc, shower twice a day with lukewarm water, & avoid clothes made of synthetic materials to cut down on BO”

Even if you manage to stay out of the rain, you might still find yourself soaked these monsoons – with sweat! We associate sweat with summer, but high humidity levels during the rains means that your sweat doesn’t evaporate as easily. There are several simple ways to battle body odor – use an anti-bacterial talc, shower twice a day with lukewarm water (hot water will increase sweat production), and avoid clothes made of synthetic materials. If you have really bad BO, you can also modify your diet to avoid foods that increase body odor.

Skin Infections

“Neem has natural anti-microbial properties & is an effective natural treatment for skin infections” 

You notice patches of dry skin and assume that it’s because of weather changes, but it’s more likely the result of a skin infection. There’s no need to panic as it’s probably just a mild infection that will clear in a week to ten days as long as you don’t ignore it.

Mix 2-3 drops of neem oil with an equal amount of almond oil and apply it to these patches after your bath. Neem has natural anti-microbial properties that will kill the fungus that is causing the infection. Foot fungal infections are also a common problem in the monsoons, so pamper yourself with regular pedicures.

Easy Fixes To Avoid Those Monsoon Woes

“In summer, skin care focuses on cleansing, winter is all about moisturizing, but the monsoons require a balance between the two”

You can use dermatologist-approved natural treatments for acne to prevent pesky pimple outbreaks and get clearer skin. If you have oily skin, use natural cleansers to get rid of excess oil without leaving your skin dry and flaky, and if you have dry skin, you can use herbal oils instead of moisturizing creams to prevent your skin from drying up this monsoon.

Go slow on the shampoo and don’t wash your hair every day; choose a good shampoo – one that will cleanse your hair without leaving it dry and rough. Allow your conditioner to sit for a few more minutes than usual to eliminate frizz but keep those gorgeous curls.

The Takeaway

Wading through the swimming pool that used to be your street can be quite a task, but then again no one said beauty care in the monsoon would be a walk in the park! When it comes to beauty care, there is no one-size-fits-all – you will need to keep tweaking your routine to find what suits you best. Make these skin and hair care tips are a part of your daily beauty routine to maintain your skin and hair. Get on board with the program and get gorgeous!

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