If You’re Someone Who Believes In Changing Your Skincare Routine Often, You Need To Read This!

Your skin needs all the nourishing you can give it, and more. While some of us have fixed skin care products that work just fine, others switch between and experiment with products to find what works best.

Of course, trying out different products comes with its own risks, as there’s no guarantee that the results will be favorable. For some, it might do wonders, for others, it’s a disaster waiting to happen. So, what should you keep in mind if you’re considering switching products?

Considerations When Switching Skin Care Products

If It’s Working, Let It Be

“If your skin care routine is giving you good results, you don’t necessarily need to switch it up”

If the products you use work for you, there is no need to experiment with new products. Most products can fulfill your skin care needs for a long time. Eventually, the effectiveness or benefits of your routine may diminish and that’s when you need to start looking for new options.

Seasonal Changes

“Our skin requires different products through the year, as it is directly affected by seasonal changes”

There are some products that you simply can’t use throughout the year. For example, a moisturizing face mask may be perfect for the winters, but it would be too heavy for the summer. Likewise, toners can be really helpful during summer, but in winter they can cause severe dryness of the skin.


“Traveling can be pretty hard on your skin as it exposes it to sudden climatic changes”

This is actually quite logical and ties in with seasonal or weather changes. If you were travelling to the Himalayas, you would need emollients and oils to keep your skin soft and moisturized, but the same products would wreak havoc on your skin if you used them for your beach vacation in Goa. If you ever travel to places with significantly different climatic conditions, make sure to change your skin care products accordingly.


“The products that you used in your teens might not cut it for you anymore.”

Aside from the fact that aging reduces skin elasticity, hormonal changes as you age, also change skin texture and grooming requirements. We can’t use the same products we did in our teens, and expect the same results. If the product isn’t working for you, it is a sign to switch up your skin care regime.


“Our skin can get less sensitive to certain products overtime, & by trying new products, we find new outcomes.”

Just as the human body develops immunity to drugs and medications, it can also adjust to the products you using, reducing their efficacy. In such scenarios, it becomes necessary to try out new products.

The Bottom Line

Changing skin care products on a regular basis is unnecessary and somewhat risky. When necessary, make sure to only purchase genuine and high quality products, as cheap and spurious cosmetics can pose a serious risk. When trying a new product, always try out a test patch first to ensure it’s safe for your skin.

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