Are Cold Pressed Juices Really Worth The Price Tag Or Is This Another Rip Off?

Priced at around INR 150 per 250 ml bottle, cold pressed juices are pretty exorbitant and can leave a hole in your pocket; especially if you are on a juice diet or get most of your nutrition from beverages. So, why is it that many Indians are willing to shell out 5 to 10 times the amount they’d spend on a fruit, for a small bottle of juice extracted from the very same fruits!?

What Are Cold Pressed Juices

“Cold pressed juices are extracted from fruits & veggies using high pressure rather than heat and air, a process that is said to better preserve nutritional value”

Cold pressed juices are made using pressure, rather than heat or high speed blades for chopping fruits. The juice is extracted using a hydraulic press that exerts immense pressure to extract every drop of juice from the fruit or vegetable. This process is said to minimize nutritional loss from exposure to heat and air. However, this kind of juice has a short shelf life with high risk of contamination as it is unpasteurized. To increase shelf life, cold pressed juices are treated with a method called high pressure processing (HPP), in which the bottled juice is immersed in cold water at high pressure, killing microbes and increasing shelf life to 30 to 45 days.

Why Are Cold Pressed Juices So Popular?

“With international celebs like Beyonce & Gwyneth Paltrow touting the health benefits of cold pressed juices on social media, the product has gained immense popularity, turning it into a multi-billion dollar industry”

Regular fruit juices have a much lower nutritional value as compared to raw fruits and veggies because they are sliced rapidly in centrifugal juicers, exposing them to heat and oxygen. This is the main claim to fame for cold pressed juices, as marketers have been pushing the products as being super healthy. With international celebs like Beyonce and Gwyneth Paltrow touting the health benefits of cold pressed juices on social media, these beverages have gained even greater popularity, turning it into a multi-billion dollar industry. But are they really healthy or is it just a lot of hype from hair brained celebs, who are also notorious for promoting unhealthy fad diets like the air diet or the gluten free diet?

Is Cold Pressed Juice Really Healthy Or Just A Health Fad?

“There is no scientific evidence to show that cold pressed juices are healthy, but they may have a marginally higher nutritional content as compared to regular juices”

Despite claims that cold pressed juices are highly nutritious, with some even being so far fetched as to suggest that they contain more vitamins, minerals, and enzymes than those found in whole fruits, there is absolutely no scientific evidence to support it.

In the absence of clear evidence for cold pressed juice benefits, we’d advise you to go by the recommendations of most dietitians and food experts. According to some of them, cold pressed juices may be marginally healthier than regular homemade juices and they are certainly better than other packaged juices. When choosing such products however, read the labels carefully to make sure there’s no added sugar and synthetic ingredients.

If you really want to get healthy, but are completely averse to eating fruits and veggies, most dietitians and nutritionists recommend drinking homemade smoothies that can contain a lot more fiber and nutrition, but less sugar than most cold pressed juices.

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