Asian Bodybuilding Bronze Medalist Sonali Swami Now Part Of #TheHealthOrangeNetwork

Sonali Swami is a bodybuilding celebrity, who has defied conventional wisdom to shatter perceptions of feminine beauty. A real Indian woman, wife, mother, instructor, athlete, and true champion, she recently bagged the bronze medal for India at the WBBF (WORLD BEAUTY FITNESS & FASHION) Asian Championship 2016. We are excited to welcome her to #TheHealthOrangeNetwork!

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Sonali Swami Unplugged!

When Was Your Interest In Fitness First Aroused?

If we talk about fitness in the context of aerobics, dancercise, and that kind of stuff, I started almost 12 years back. Yes, it really has been a long journey for me, so much so that fitness is just a part of my everyday life. After that, I got into weight training and I am now an athlete and a competitor for India – that started along with the weight training and it’s been 4 years now.

What’s Your Favorite Workout Or Exercise Routine?

I love training my back and my shoulders in particular. I usually do a lot of free weights rather than using gym equipment – I focus more on using dumbells and barbells.

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What’s Your Top Two Pieces Of Advice To Anyone Aspiring To Get Fit?

Fitness is extremely important to your health and also to your relationship with family and loved ones, as it allows you to reach your full potential. Getting started with such change is never easy, so the most important thing I can say is to take it easy – it’s not impossible, no matter how unfit you might imagine yourself to be. There are many people who struggle to get into a fitness routine and they often get disheartened when they don’t see visible results in a week or ten days. What most people fail to realize is that this is a continuous process – fitness is a journey, so you have to be patient.

Secondly, you need to be consistent and what helps most in this regard is to do something you enjoy. Your fitness routine should be fun, not a chore. Don’t just do it because you want to lose weight as you’re getting married or have a event to attend, and so on. Make fitness a part of your lifetime goals.

What’s Do You See As Your Biggest Strength?

The way I see it, my biggest strength is actually my family because I could never have reached this far and won a bronze medal in bodybuilding for India without the support of my husband. So, there’s no question about it – they are absolutely my biggest strength.

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TheHealthOrange Quick Six With Sonali Swami

1. Your Idea Of The Perfect Way To Start A Day

My perfect way to start my day would be with my weight routine early in the morning. Yes, it may sound sad or cliché, but there’s scarcely anything that feels better!

2. Your Biggest Guilty Pleasure

I love chocolate fudge ice cream! My favorite’s called ‘Death By Chocolate’, and I just love it. Incidentally, it has over a thousand calories!

3. Is There Any Exercise Or Physical Activity That You Hate?

I absolutely hate burpees! I have never met a single person who loves burpees, and I certainly hate them too.

4. Who Is Your Biggest Inspiration?

For me, there is no single inspiring figure, but I find everyone inspiring, whether a 2 year old child or an 80 year old woman. I have a 13 year old daughter and she inspires me every single day. She is passionate, full of life and listens to her heart, doing exactly what she wants to do to be happy. In my opinion that’s the best thing that you can do, because life has no meaning without the pursuit of happiness.

5. One Secret That No One Knows About You

I am an open book, so I can’t really think of any secret that I’d like to share. Besides, if I shared any secret with you it wouldn’t be a secret anymore!

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6. How Does It Feel To Be Part Of #TheHealthOrangeNetwork

It’s really nice to be associated with people and organizations who actually believe in living a good and healthy life and that is what I strive to do through my social media channels – the goal for me is to make people aware, especially women, to lead a healthy and fit life. So, I am extremely happy to be a part of TheHealthOrange Network.

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