Meet Kritika Purohit: India’s First Visually Impaired Doctor!

Only a student in the 3rd grade, Kritika Purohit suffered from optical nerve damage and lost her vision. While most of us would be devastated with such a mishap, she bounced back and how! Now the country’s first visually impaired doctor, 24 year old Kritika Purohit did not let her ‘disability’ come in the way of her dreams.

The Hurdles That Came Her Way

A student at the National Association for the Blind, her journey to follow her aspiration of becoming a doctor was tough, with plenty of challenges coming her way. But she persisted and fought back, not letting any challenge deter her from pursuing her ambition and transforming it into reality. Performing a practical session in open court and having to dictate answers in the examination were just some of the minor pitfalls that she encountered.

The First Setback

The first major setback came when a 17 year old Kritika was barred from taking the Maharashtra CET because of her visual impairment. But victory came her way when the Bombay High Court ruled in her favor. This did not make the journey any easier for her though. She was denied admission in a government college because of the rigorous practicals that the course entailed.

Once again she sought legal help and this time, she had to prove that she was capable enough of qualifying as a successful doctor. A specimen was specially brought to court and she was required to perform an anatomy session to attest her qualification. Creating a history of sorts, once again she successfully proved that her disability did not stand in the way of her dreams.

Positive End To The Struggle

With the right kind of training and guidance during the course, Kritika persevered and things took a turn for the better. She cleared her examination and even topped the scores in anatomy practicals. Kritika has now received a certificate from the Maharashtra State Council for Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy, making her the first government-certified visually challenged doctor in the country.

Kritika’s story serves as a huge inspiration that impairment does not signify the end of ambition or aspirations. With determination and the will to succeed, you can overcome any challengethat comes your way.

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