World’s Heaviest Woman To Get A Free Weight Loss Surgery In India

Although the deeds of good Samaritans usually stay off the radar, the world is a better place with them in it, and every once in a while we are fortunate enough to discover and be inspired by them. Sushma Swaraj has already been instrumental in several high profile cases, using her political weight to speak out for those without a voice or deep wallets. But, Mumbai based bariatric surgeon, Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala has remained relatively unknown until very recently.


When Dr. Lakdawala learned about the plight of Eman Ahmed, who weighs nearly 500kgs he couldn’t look the other way. Eman, who is a thyroid patient and suffered a paralyzing stroke 2 years ago, is just 36 years old, but has spent more than two decades of her life immobile in her room in Cairo, Egypt. The case came to Dr. Lakdawala’s attention, when he stumbled upon a social media campaign started by Ahmed’s sister. In a display of true generosity and compassion, he agreed to perform a bariatric surgery on Eman, free of cost.

The Visa & Transit Struggle

Eman’s struggle didn’t end there. Because of her immobility, she couldn’t personally make it to the Indian Embassy in Cairo. But that’s where our uber-cool External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj, saves the day yet again. All it took was a tweet!

Although Sushma Swaraj has herself been battling serious kidney illness of late, having been in and out of hospital, it did not stop her from lending a helping hand. Within just one day, Dr. Lakdawala tweeted that Eman’s visa had come through!

Of course, the troubles did not end there, as arranging for Eman’s transit also poses a challenge as there are weight restrictions on most airlines and chartered flight costs are prohibitive. But, our super doc is already on top of his game to get this sorted. “We are trying to generate the funds needed to airlift her. The rest we can manage. I have promised her free surgery, which is slated to be performed at Saifee hospital. We will waive all the expenses including the hospital stay”, said Dr. Lakdawala in conversation with TOI.

We wish Eman all the best and hope she comes out of this struggle as a winner!

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